Postdoc position – Neurobiology of hippocampus in birds

Starting: presumably in March 2020
Duration: 2 years
Deadline for application: 16 January, 2020

The work of the post-doctoral fellow will be part of a wider research project aimed at clarifying the structural and functional properties of the hippocampus in domestic chicks and quails. Overall, we aim to understand avian hippocampal functions both at the level of neural response properties and providing a structural description of hippocampal subdivisions, contribution of different types of neurons in those functions, as well as their connectivity. The comparison with data already available in mammals will allow to better understand the mechanisms by which different structures can implement the same functions, shedding light on the evolution of this crucial brain region.

The ideal candidate would have a PhD in neuroscience, neurobiology or related disciplines and experience with at least one of the following methods: electrophysiology (not necessarily on the avian brain), behavioural training and testing of animals, histological preparations, immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridisation, stereotactic lesioning, neural tracing, quantitative PCR. Experience with Python or MATLAB will be also considered and add value.

The laboratory is fully equipped and offers an exciting international and interdisciplinary state of the art work environment.

To apply to this position, please follow the instructions of the formal call for applications: HERE

For informal inquiries and request of further information do not hesitate to contact: uwe.mayer (@) unitn.it