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Principal Investigator

Uwe Mayer
Dr. Uwe Mayer

I am a neuroethologist interested in the neurobiological basis of social and spatial cognition in birds.

Building 14 - Office 222, Second floor
Phone: 0464 808179

Email: uwe.mayer(@)unitn.it

Phd Student

Anastasia Morandi Raikova
MSc. Anastasia Morandi Raikova

Topic: 'Neural substrates underlying spatial orientation, working memory, transitive inference and other tasks that usually involve hippocampus in chicks'.

Building 14 - Office 214, Second floor
Phone: 0464 808107
Email: a.morandiraikova(@)unitn.it
Master Students

BSc. Rukiye Aydin

Topic: 'Neuroanatomical investigation of brain hemispheric lateralisation in domestic chicks'.

Carlos Daniel Corrales Parada
BSc. Carlos Daniel Corrales Parada

Topic: 'Neural basis of individual recognition in domestic chicks'.
Giacomo Costalunga
BSc. Giacomo Costalunga

Topic: 'Establishing procedures for electrophysiological recordings in freely moving chicks'

We are always looking for motivated students to join our team.

Our students recieve extensive training and detailed explanation of the methods used in our lab and have the oportunity to apply these learned methods to conduct a master thesis research projects. For more infos please contact: Dr. Uwe Mayer