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Principal Investigator

Uwe Mayer

Asst. Prof. Uwe Mayer

I am a neuroethologist interested in the neurobiological basis of social and spatial cognition in birds.

Building 14 - Office 225, Second floor
Phone: 0464 808179
Email: uwe.mayer(@)unitn.it


Anastasia Morandi Raikova

Dr. Anastasia Morandi Raikova

Topic: 'Lateralisation of hippocampal functions in domestic chicks'.

Building 14 - Office 214, Second floor
Phone: 0464 808107
Email: a.morandiraikova(@)unitn.it

PhD Students

Francesca Protti Sanchez

MSc. Francesca Protti Sanchez

(in collaboration with Dr. Hannah Rowland, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany.)

Topic: 'A bird's eye view of warning signals.'

Master Students

Vlad Mardare

BSc. Vlad Mardare

Topic: 'Electrophysiological investigation of the visual Wulst in domestic chicks.'

Francesca Sellitti

BSc. Francesca Sellitti

Topic: 'Time-course of c-Fos expression in domestic chicks.'


BSc. Alba Cumplido Mayoral

Topic: 'Neural basis of social novelty recognition in domestic chicks.'

Internship Students
Mari Bonse
BSc. Mari Bonse

Topic: 'Neural basis of aversive taste recognition in domestic chicks.'

We are always looking for motivated students to join our team.

Our students recieve extensive training and detailed explanation of the methods used in our lab and have the oportunity to apply these learned methods to conduct a master thesis research projects.

Contact: Uwe Mayer